GMCA: Web Communication Agency

GMCA is an international Web communications company specializing in enterprise Internet communication strategy consulting.

Our Web communication solutions are designed to strengthen our client's brand awareness in the marketplace.

Based in France, PACA region (Nice, Cannes, South France), our company offers a full range of turnkey Brand and Web marketing services to private and public sector organizations desiring to expand their business on international level.

GMCA: Communication, Internet, and Web Marketing

GMCA offers turnkey Web solutions from concept to project implementation, handling, and life cycle support. Our team assists enterprises and institutions in building strong Web presence through the use of efficient Web-enabled communication tools.

Our multicultural and multidisciplinary team has the experience to handle international online communications projects for public and private sector enterprises, big corporations as well as mid-size companies and small businesses.

Our knowledge of communication styles of many cultures represents an added value for companies wishing to strengthen their respective brand images internationally.

GMCA: International team for your Web project implementations

Our multicultural team is offering a unique combination of knowledge in Marketing Communication, Web Marketing and SEO. Your project will be handled using “best-of-breed” methods and go-to-market communication strategies.

Elena: International Marketing Executive and Consultant, E-Project Manager, SEO, fluent in Russian, French, English, and Korean languages.

Masters degree in International Economics and Commerce, MBA (Web Marketing), Elena has 14 years experience in Branding and Marketing Communications in industrial and high-tech fields.

Elena will work with you to elaborate your Marketing Communication Plan, each project scope description and will direct project implementations. She will also have lead responsibility for customer relations. Moreover, she will also handle Web projects in Russian: Website, SEO, and Social Networking.

Christopher: Business Development, Marketing, and Project Management, bilingual English and French languages.

Graduated with MSc (Management) and BA (Political Economy), Christopher has more than 20 years experience in Business Development, Marketing and Operations Management in industrial fields (engineering, applied science, and technology). His international experience has included assignments in Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East, and the Far East (China, Japan, Korea, Macau, and Vietnam). He will consult on business development strategy related to implementation and communication style for USA market, and on copy writing and marketing texts in English.

David: Programmer, Systems Integrator and Senior Webmaster, French, English bilingual. 

Graduated with BS (USA) in Management and International Commerce, with MBDS (Master on Data Base and Integration System). A Programmer and Webmaster since 1998, David has working experience in USA, and in France. Today he is specializing in development of e-commerce solutions for tailored interactive Internet and Intranets Web-sites. He is well-qualified on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript / Prototype / jQuery and integration XHTML / CSS valide W3C.

Catherine: E-boutique Project Manager, Specialist on editorial related to e-commerce, Web PR and social marketing, French, English bilingual.

Holding a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Psychology, Catherine manages her own boutique on-line and participates in assisting several others with their e-shops. Catherine Specializes in the creation of product data sheets optimized for search engines (SEO). She will also assist you in social network development through blogs and social networks.

Anja: Webmaster and specialist on SEO, Web Public Relations, Social Networking, German, French bilingual.

Holding a doctorate in Chemistry, she's a Webmaster and possesses over 12 years work experience in Germany, and 6 years in France. A specialist in Web design, copy writing, text marketing and search machine optimization. Anja will handle your Web projects in the German language, including SEO and Social Networking.

Vykintas: Graphic and Web Designer, Lithuanian, English bilingual.

Graduated with BS on Methods and Standards applied to print and Web Designs, Vykintas has 12 years working in France with enterprises in sports related industries, e-banking and social media. He has realized more than 30 Web-designs for various international clients.

Ivan: Webmaster and Web Designer, design print, Russian, English bilingual.

Graduated with Masters Degree in Psychology, Ivan has 8 years work experience as a Webmaster and Web Designer. He has realized about 30 Web projects for various enterprises based in Russia.